Saturday, October 3, 2009


MY LAST decent job down here was with the Internal Revenue Office, a federal agency. If you do not know, Puerto Rico is a territory of USA. It consisted of answering tax payers inquiries about many issues that I will not bore you at this time through the telephone. A pain in the ass job if you ask me and suitable only for those quick, with good memory for procedures and computer skills.

The IRS is the federal agency watching for tax evaders, money launderers, and other scam artists
down here, at least those doing business requiring the payment of Social Security and Medicaid to USA, for employees, including themselves, when owning the business. UNCLE SAM gets you soon or later, no matter where you hide or attempt to, since they
have AUDITORS in the field.

So what you wonder? And the relation with the environment where is it?

HOLD your horses.

The ipomoea/batata foolish type of governments we have had for the last four decades, gave as routine JOBS to their followers. It is like buying votes, without any type of testing, ranking, placement or criteria, credentials based on merit. They went too far. NOW they have to get rid of these thirty thousand batatas, good for nothing the majority and unnecessary, dead weight if I may.

The sea levels have risen with the insurmountable tears dropped by husband, wives,
single mothers/fathers and the rest who have been fired left and right. The reason to fire these poor souls? The government has to increase the credit rating for their habit of asking for loans to solve
problems as usual, swept under the carpet, and screw it in the long run, just as is happening now, lets fire the poor devils to balance the budget.

IT gets worse...The SOLUTION for the intelligent, BAR ASSOCIATION? They are working on a mandamus to force with a court order, check this out, our CREOLE Revenue Service, DEPARTAMENTO DE HACIENDA, to do their job: collect TAXES.
That is something the director/employees are VERY AFRAID, UNWILLING to do since most Puerto tax evaders, ISLANDERS and NON, have power and connections within the rank and file in every party, government agencies. Pretty much UNTOUCHABLES, evading their taxes from the beginning of time. Just like it is, probably, in your far away country.

MUCH WORSE. Even if the intelligent people in Puerto Rico, the ten or twenty left,
got together and created a marvelous, well thought plan to collect the islanders tax evaders, there is a little problem that these intelligent, wise people forget: one needs AUDITORS, to go
in the field, research and get what the state is owned. Since there are no AUDITORS,
one needs nine months approximately to train them...That is the way the cookie crumbles..

NO vision, no imagination down here, just the blind leading the blind and/or with blindfolds like the JERKS, mama goose LESPERIAN Matriarch. These self anointed
character wrote recently an article about GOLF and white/rich people. NO mention of pollutants, noise, destruction of flora/fauna. That is why I laugh at these make
believe environmentalists. By the way, I coined the term LESPERIANS, and believe
me, is not a compliment to be proud of... THE party politics have these cat skinners blind. Not mentioning flora/fauna in an article about golf is like writing about the WEAPONS INDUSTRY, and not mentioning the maimed and killed. AT least from my humble opinion, jerkette,


The following plants species/herbs have are now part of the expanding collection in me
garden. By the way I know I could write my garden, it seems to
me cooler and that is that.

Petroselinum crispum
Zinziber oficinalis
Rosmarinus oficinalis
Serpol tuymusserpylum
Yerba buena
Origanum vulgare
Ocimum basilicum
Andropogon citratum

Grab a dictionary if any name seem unfamiliar. The new protocol
is as follows. Since these plants are not really lasting compared
to others, they will be officially inducted in the most recent BOTANICAL INVENTORY, after sixty days. That will reduce substantially the casualties list.
NOW is time to go...Oops
The relationship with all that is written and the environment
is easy to figure. If too many employees in Fideicomiso, 007 Recursos
Naturales and Parques Nacionales were unable to keep clean forests
or clean toilets, to protect the environment against the EVIL
Building Developers, anyone could take a wild guess as to
what will the environment turn into with these wolves
turning every green space and not so green
a concrete asphalt