Monday, July 27, 2009


I was pretty much amazed to see the same story again, with a somewhat different plot.
The protagonists lily white police officers and an uppity negro as they are described by
the lily whites at home. Our president expressed correctly his thoughts and impressions. I have no doubts about it.

What seems out of proportion is the reaction of these racist police officers who have an attitude of beating up now, ask questions later. It is well known certain pleasure among police officers in New York for example, to stick their batons in the rectum of
certain criminals or citizens suspected of having committed a crime, or under the impression of violating the law.

I used to work for the Criminal Justice Agency in One Police Plaza, for an idiot director Dolores Palmer, a negress. I had to interview some criminals to determine if they could be released without paying bail.

Imagine this scene. In a room not bigger than twenty five square feet, over a hundred people. Homeless, some who had jumped the turnstile in the subway, rapists, burglars, street peddlers from Senegal, Ecuador, Mexico. Prostitutes of all kinds, bums, bookies and murderers once in a while. The smell of piss on the floor, sweat, and the unmistakable fragrance of unwashed homeless hogs in the atmosphere, a stink only surpassed by a rotten carcass.

But what is remarkable, still fresh on my memory is the great fun policemen: negros, hispanics and the lily white segment, had while beating up these wretched of the earth with handcuffs on. Just the impression of being disrespectful or talking back was enough to get one ass kicked without any remorse. Note: since Asiatics are very few among policemen, I never saw one during this exercise.

When policemen were arrested for: selling weapons, working as body guards for drug dealing characters, driving under the influence or any other crime and brought to One Police Plaza, they never walked around with handcuffs and were treated as if
they were innocent or deserving such special treatment. I bet that still goes on.

But all these is nothing compared to the behavior of these mostly white, during a manifestation, a real shame to New York, during a walk out for more money, time off and benefits during the mayoralty of David Dinkins, a negro, the most incompetent mayor in the history of New York. In policemen circles Mr. Dinkins was referred to as the 'wash room attendant'.

During the manifestation these policemen took the city, blocking the traffic, roaming, acts of vandalism took place in the streets as if they belong to them. These guys are really scary.

But I bet that policemen in ANY country of the WORLD with different ethnic groups act just the same with similar situations. The law is written, enforced by those in power. What takes place in USA will make the news. However, I am certain that having a gun, a uniform and belonging to the correct ethnic group entitles one to ABUSE, and to demand apologies from the President, when he expressed indignity for the actions of a great percentage of police officers.

I REITERATE all policemen in USA, judging from those in NEW YORK, with the greatest variety of ethnics in the police force, will abuse anyone under the right circumstance.

But if one is interested in getting to the root of these issues, do not believe a word written here. Research the origins of the POLICE DEPARTMENT in NEW YORK from the beginning. If you think it is irrelevant, since New York is very different from most other cities, with over two hundred nationalities among its population, that is your motivation.

Then for the hell of it, check the FIREFIGHTERS, a lily white fraternity from its historical origins, in which no ethnics are welcome. So long. Forgive me for doing something I despise in many blogs: getting into what newspapers do. I will try not
to do it again, If I fall, forgive this humble servant.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009



THESE 3 Ficus, Marginata and Benjamina, close by the highway as you can see. They cover
almost the whole surface of the pavement. Probably between 6o/100 years old. The measures
are impressive for any tree in the island. Added, this trunk or multitrunks cover over one hundred feet in length. The drip line is between one hundred feet and one fifty, as you can figure with the concrete lanes below.

There is a hospital to their right, one of those poor picturesque vecinities also. That may explain why these wonders, one in a kind, are not a tourist or make believeecotourist environmentalist shrine.

The first picture from the bottom up, was taken across the highway, in the south side, on a hill. The top shows from
the roof of the lucky family having such sight behind. These houses are in el Barrio Venezuela in Rio Piedras.

I offer my apologies, I am not into photography, but it is evident that the resolution stinks, not
only here, but in previous situations also. Perhaps one of those kind people who offered their signatures, some of whom certainly have the ways, will feel inspired and take some graphic
artist quality photos and publish them.

THIS SUGGESTION before I leave. IN USA, where size, shape, age is relevant, trees and forests matter to most citizens, in such manner that there is a list with photos of their greatest trees in the WHOLE country with their exact dimensions, something I can not do. This people understand that to help the environment money talks.

For this reason, micro propagation, cloning of those trees exists. You can buy one and plant it in a suitable place. The same thing could be done here in this isle. Alberto Areces Mallea, the Phd who ruined the fifteen acres in the biggest ecoenvironmental crime in Puerto Rico, could
do it. In Trujillo Alto, with the Fundacion Luis Munhoz Marin as accomplices, they were the culprits. Perhaps they will earn the forgiveness from the people, nature and God, if they could
do something useful. I know because they, him and the olmec indian of his wife used to babble
a lot abour micropropagation. Lets see if they can do it.. Time to go....

Monday, July 6, 2009



Interviewer: Why? If you know the result before hand? Callousness and indifference.

Antigonum Cajan: Before I get to that, may I offer some background information? It seems
that everyjuan believes the environment is a pet cause and the tittle "environmentalist" can
be claimed without discrimination and consequences.

I: Wow, is this your blog?
AC: Yep. NO objection, then. To count trees as I do, should have been routinely done by Fideicomiso de Conservacion, Parques Nacionales, 007 Natural Resources, or pro bono by the obscure islanders Arborists Association. But first things first. A brief list of requirements to make the counting with focus.

Soil Science 32 hours
Turf and Grounds Maintenance 18
Introduction to Plant Science 16
Tree Maintenance 16
Disease Identification & Management 12
Weed Identification 4
Insect Pests of Ornamental Plants 15
Intro to Interior Landscapes 12
Horticultural Tech: Landscape Gardening 18
Integrated Pest Managements 12
Weed Control 12

I: Oh boy, that makes you, what an authority in the subject? Someone who never makes mistakes? The perfection in person?
AC: None of the above, but close. When I started my vocation in the blogosphere, there was no expectation of any kind regarding yours truly, critical views on people dealing with flora/fauna, ecology, environment, installation of green areas, maintenance, biodiversity,
gardens as habitats, issues of aesthetics and nature, pollution of the environment with obsolete
maintenance practices, the need to eliminate, palms, turf and hedges for this reason.

I: Is that all, and do you have any hope regarding the isle inhabitants about aiming, focusing correctly as to what is the difficulty to deal, approach those destroying, enemies of the environment for profit or stupidity? You know, housing developers, government agencies, property owners and such?
AC: NO. I have no hope at all except in myself and what I do. I think that maybe in other countries with similar problems, some readers may be able to focus with a wide scope, not with blinders, protecting their own ignorant niche, measured by that list above this.

I: Have you counted anything lately?
AC: Glad to oblige here it is.



Right side
Tabebuias 45
Dk 3
Almacigos 36
Eucaliptos 49
Palms 7
Empty Spaces 14
Mutilated no Branches 6

Left side
Tabebuias 53
Ficus 4
Hemajaguilla 1
Eucaliptos 77
Palmas 5
Empty Spaces 18

R=L 280
Empty Spaces 38

I: Are we done with the interview?
AC: You may go, thanks.
I: See you there and keep it up.

Now if we add the numbers from the first inventory on 16 June 09= 173 Trees 17 Empty Spaces,
second, 2 July 09=200 Trees 34 Empty Spaces and todays Trees 280 Empty space 38 the totals
are interesting =653 Trees with 89 empty spaces. I do not see anyjuan complaining about these dissapeared ones, where are the environmentalists when one needs one?

The relevance of inventories as mentioned before is not to continue planting the wrong species over and over as Eucaliptos. They all look scraggly, like those artificial christmas trees with the branches stuck to a green stick.
Same goes for Tabebuias and Almacigos. Most of the sidewalks are often cracked by
the root system looking for oxygen, in addition to the ridiculous small square for it. This is dangerous and makes walking hazardous. Particularly if you are in the handicapped segment of the population and almost impossible if in a wheel chair.

I would like to mention, If I have not, this 'counting of the trees', is a twelve miles trip, six in
each direction, how can our environmentalists in the occassional bangwagon, have missed them? Because they have blinders or never walk? The environment in the urban context is not what
it appears to be within the car or in front of the monitor.

All these trees, ALL of them have been mutilated at the trunk or branches. Some are more dead
than alive, requiring replacement if we were in a sophisticated arboriculture society. The majority are in the electrical wires. close to them or over. Consequence? The AEE, the government agency in charge of wire maintenance, executioners par excellence, will prune incorrectly, mutilating these trees, making them not only
uglier, a matter of aesthetics, but increasing the branches when cut in the wrong place.

Epilogue. Inventories give a whole picture about the lame horses that have been for thirty six months brought to drink the water, but somehow refusing it. I hope that readers from other countries with these problems, encounter down the road, path, highway, some horses more humble to accept, willing to focus and to remember....
that the moon is not made of cheese and shall not be eaten with molasses. Time to go.....

Saturday, July 4, 2009


KNOWING THE END, it is time to allow our readers to follow the beginning
of this adventure. I thought that it would be appreciated, understood, but no,
it did not happen.

"Your message was referred to Public Relations". It has the name, that I will not
write to protect the innocent, but here the initials. J.L.M Internet Banking Support.

"The attached message arrived incomplete, I need to have it sent again to be able
to help you". Same initials and tittle.

The truncated message from yours truly:

ATTN: President Western Bank
Board of Directors

The first VERTICAL GARDEN installation in your facilities is full of conceptual
mistakes, including plant selection and lack of nutrients by irrigation.

Now we are getting to see the beginning of the end. I will reproduce it and will finish
with my impressions. Following is the email from E.T.T.,VP, Public Relations. Warning. It is not fiction or altered, If the translation
seems odd, imagine the original. I will not mention rules of this or that violated since anyjuan will be able to detect this rather unusual writing fashion.

"Dear Mr. ....(my last name):

We at Westernbank admire and are proud of citizens, friends and above all, that our clients be involved in our thing, that is why we are the

These suggestions will be taken care off immediately and our President will be aware of your consideration, that you have shared offering your
opinion as an expert in green areas management.

For this we thank for your comments about the possibility of doing consulting work pro bono in a garden we have.

But the message is not understood. I will appreciate your phone number,
to communicate personally,or more information so we can understand
which is the garden, to refer the case to the corresponding department.

Certainly, citizens like you are the ones making that our nation be better each day. We count on your information so we can take care of your recommendation immediately."

Best regards,

Public Relations

I am getting tired. If any of the pr islanders, a majority of my international readers, followed by USA wish to inquire, their phone
appear in the previous Investigative Report.

I notice some mocking from ETT,VP in the previous jewel he wrote,
but how can I criticize mocking? Just thought. This could have been
entitled: The Chinese umbrella affair.

Moral of the story:

If anyjuan offers

you information gratis that may be certain regarding a project of a million
or more bucks, use diplomacy, tact, intelligence. Think of a bottle of a nice single malt, a five thousand dollar certificate of deposit, a two week vacation in
New Zealand, Australia, Vietnam to name a few places where endemismo arrives...not a six dollar chinese umbrella, even better, do not offer anything since nothing was requested or expected, Jack you jerk!