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Interviewer: Why? If you know the result before hand? Callousness and indifference.

Antigonum Cajan: Before I get to that, may I offer some background information? It seems
that everyjuan believes the environment is a pet cause and the tittle "environmentalist" can
be claimed without discrimination and consequences.

I: Wow, is this your blog?
AC: Yep. NO objection, then. To count trees as I do, should have been routinely done by Fideicomiso de Conservacion, Parques Nacionales, 007 Natural Resources, or pro bono by the obscure islanders Arborists Association. But first things first. A brief list of requirements to make the counting with focus.

Soil Science 32 hours
Turf and Grounds Maintenance 18
Introduction to Plant Science 16
Tree Maintenance 16
Disease Identification & Management 12
Weed Identification 4
Insect Pests of Ornamental Plants 15
Intro to Interior Landscapes 12
Horticultural Tech: Landscape Gardening 18
Integrated Pest Managements 12
Weed Control 12

I: Oh boy, that makes you, what an authority in the subject? Someone who never makes mistakes? The perfection in person?
AC: None of the above, but close. When I started my vocation in the blogosphere, there was no expectation of any kind regarding yours truly, critical views on people dealing with flora/fauna, ecology, environment, installation of green areas, maintenance, biodiversity,
gardens as habitats, issues of aesthetics and nature, pollution of the environment with obsolete
maintenance practices, the need to eliminate, palms, turf and hedges for this reason.

I: Is that all, and do you have any hope regarding the isle inhabitants about aiming, focusing correctly as to what is the difficulty to deal, approach those destroying, enemies of the environment for profit or stupidity? You know, housing developers, government agencies, property owners and such?
AC: NO. I have no hope at all except in myself and what I do. I think that maybe in other countries with similar problems, some readers may be able to focus with a wide scope, not with blinders, protecting their own ignorant niche, measured by that list above this.

I: Have you counted anything lately?
AC: Glad to oblige here it is.



Right side
Tabebuias 45
Dk 3
Almacigos 36
Eucaliptos 49
Palms 7
Empty Spaces 14
Mutilated no Branches 6

Left side
Tabebuias 53
Ficus 4
Hemajaguilla 1
Eucaliptos 77
Palmas 5
Empty Spaces 18

R=L 280
Empty Spaces 38

I: Are we done with the interview?
AC: You may go, thanks.
I: See you there and keep it up.

Now if we add the numbers from the first inventory on 16 June 09= 173 Trees 17 Empty Spaces,
second, 2 July 09=200 Trees 34 Empty Spaces and todays Trees 280 Empty space 38 the totals
are interesting =653 Trees with 89 empty spaces. I do not see anyjuan complaining about these dissapeared ones, where are the environmentalists when one needs one?

The relevance of inventories as mentioned before is not to continue planting the wrong species over and over as Eucaliptos. They all look scraggly, like those artificial christmas trees with the branches stuck to a green stick.
Same goes for Tabebuias and Almacigos. Most of the sidewalks are often cracked by
the root system looking for oxygen, in addition to the ridiculous small square for it. This is dangerous and makes walking hazardous. Particularly if you are in the handicapped segment of the population and almost impossible if in a wheel chair.

I would like to mention, If I have not, this 'counting of the trees', is a twelve miles trip, six in
each direction, how can our environmentalists in the occassional bangwagon, have missed them? Because they have blinders or never walk? The environment in the urban context is not what
it appears to be within the car or in front of the monitor.

All these trees, ALL of them have been mutilated at the trunk or branches. Some are more dead
than alive, requiring replacement if we were in a sophisticated arboriculture society. The majority are in the electrical wires. close to them or over. Consequence? The AEE, the government agency in charge of wire maintenance, executioners par excellence, will prune incorrectly, mutilating these trees, making them not only
uglier, a matter of aesthetics, but increasing the branches when cut in the wrong place.

Epilogue. Inventories give a whole picture about the lame horses that have been for thirty six months brought to drink the water, but somehow refusing it. I hope that readers from other countries with these problems, encounter down the road, path, highway, some horses more humble to accept, willing to focus and to remember....
that the moon is not made of cheese and shall not be eaten with molasses. Time to go.....

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