Monday, July 27, 2009


I was pretty much amazed to see the same story again, with a somewhat different plot.
The protagonists lily white police officers and an uppity negro as they are described by
the lily whites at home. Our president expressed correctly his thoughts and impressions. I have no doubts about it.

What seems out of proportion is the reaction of these racist police officers who have an attitude of beating up now, ask questions later. It is well known certain pleasure among police officers in New York for example, to stick their batons in the rectum of
certain criminals or citizens suspected of having committed a crime, or under the impression of violating the law.

I used to work for the Criminal Justice Agency in One Police Plaza, for an idiot director Dolores Palmer, a negress. I had to interview some criminals to determine if they could be released without paying bail.

Imagine this scene. In a room not bigger than twenty five square feet, over a hundred people. Homeless, some who had jumped the turnstile in the subway, rapists, burglars, street peddlers from Senegal, Ecuador, Mexico. Prostitutes of all kinds, bums, bookies and murderers once in a while. The smell of piss on the floor, sweat, and the unmistakable fragrance of unwashed homeless hogs in the atmosphere, a stink only surpassed by a rotten carcass.

But what is remarkable, still fresh on my memory is the great fun policemen: negros, hispanics and the lily white segment, had while beating up these wretched of the earth with handcuffs on. Just the impression of being disrespectful or talking back was enough to get one ass kicked without any remorse. Note: since Asiatics are very few among policemen, I never saw one during this exercise.

When policemen were arrested for: selling weapons, working as body guards for drug dealing characters, driving under the influence or any other crime and brought to One Police Plaza, they never walked around with handcuffs and were treated as if
they were innocent or deserving such special treatment. I bet that still goes on.

But all these is nothing compared to the behavior of these mostly white, during a manifestation, a real shame to New York, during a walk out for more money, time off and benefits during the mayoralty of David Dinkins, a negro, the most incompetent mayor in the history of New York. In policemen circles Mr. Dinkins was referred to as the 'wash room attendant'.

During the manifestation these policemen took the city, blocking the traffic, roaming, acts of vandalism took place in the streets as if they belong to them. These guys are really scary.

But I bet that policemen in ANY country of the WORLD with different ethnic groups act just the same with similar situations. The law is written, enforced by those in power. What takes place in USA will make the news. However, I am certain that having a gun, a uniform and belonging to the correct ethnic group entitles one to ABUSE, and to demand apologies from the President, when he expressed indignity for the actions of a great percentage of police officers.

I REITERATE all policemen in USA, judging from those in NEW YORK, with the greatest variety of ethnics in the police force, will abuse anyone under the right circumstance.

But if one is interested in getting to the root of these issues, do not believe a word written here. Research the origins of the POLICE DEPARTMENT in NEW YORK from the beginning. If you think it is irrelevant, since New York is very different from most other cities, with over two hundred nationalities among its population, that is your motivation.

Then for the hell of it, check the FIREFIGHTERS, a lily white fraternity from its historical origins, in which no ethnics are welcome. So long. Forgive me for doing something I despise in many blogs: getting into what newspapers do. I will try not
to do it again, If I fall, forgive this humble servant.

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