Saturday, November 21, 2009


AFTER THE great success signaled by JANE MADDEN, the letters, the editor has suggested to change the tittle since not every letter is about love or from women. The subject in case is an Arlo Guthrie look alike, fine guitarist, of the Catholic persuasion, with a musical career spanning some decades.
A kind gentleman, once allowed yours truly to share the huge space they
lived in the Clark School for the Deaf. I lived there for some time far away
and distant, full of joy and frustrations.


Thanks for the information on islands and beaches. I hope to look into
some things on the Internet or make a visit to travel agent. I think that
a quiet, 'boring' places, is what we need. Hardly ever is there peace and
quiet and time for wine and romance. Just to get away for a while from
all the things we have to do.

I don't know if I mentioned it but oldest son Adam is going to be a junior
in college and is going to France to study abroad next year. He will be leaving August 31st. He goes to "tours" for a month and the Dijon for the rest of the year. He will be staying with a family while there. We are
excited and nervous. He has never been so far away. It will be a good
educational and social experience for him.

Noah 17. and Zachary 13, will both be attending school at the Academy
of Charlemont. It is about 1/2 hour away going west on Rt2. Past Shelbourn Falls. Its a private school and costs money but they were
generous with having 2 children at same school. Noah has been there
for 2 years already and Zachary will just be starting 9th grade.

Isaiah (10) is going to 5th grade and the Greenfield schools are moving
all the 5th grade kids from all the elementary schools to the middle school
so they could save $ by closing down 1 school. It turns out the savings were minimal after all.

Are you doing some landscaping/horticultural work down there? I am
glad to hear your staying "old school with the LPS and cassettes. I still
do sometimes listen to my LPS or cassettes. I have bought many cds to
replace LPS and such. Sometimes its better but I always love to look
at art work and all the info on LPS.

I just bought a box set of 2 cds called STAX of WAX, its the history of STAX records, artists like Otis Redding, Rufus Thomas, Issac Hayes. Theme from Shaft, and many others. Its pretty good if you get a chance
to hear it.

LOT'S of NORTHAMPTON, is still the same but lots of stores have changed and some bars/restaurants too. Joe's Pizza on Market
St. still there, so is Packards, Fitzwillies, Hugos, Watering Hole, Robertos, lots of new ones too. Such a variety in Northampton.

Easthampton has also been changing and has more places to go. We
mostly go out in Greenfield, Northampton, sometimes Brattleboro, VT.
We have been going camping to Maine in August. Right now we are in
East Brookfield, MA. Near Worcester, Kates family owned a small camp
on a lake there. We go swimming, fishing and we hang out more as a family. Its small but we can fit. All 6 of us in 1 BR. Small kitchen and living room and porch. We also do crosswords and jigsaw puzzles.
No phone but we have our cellular phone.

I think I need more time off from my job. Its ok but sometimes its
so boring it drives me crazy. I'll guess I'll hang out for now. I need
to look around for something that pays more and is more of my liking.

We will see what the future brings...Good to hear from you again.

Peace and love and that stuffs....


Soon after...this July 17, 2007, letter was answered to
information regarding the botanical inventory
in a similar fashion as the one used by Mr. Lapierre
referring to his children. For example: My Frangipani,
a seed brought from Guanica,
is now 4 years old and3 feet tall...
He seemed to be offended as to the comparison children/plants
deciding not to write saving the thirty eight
cents for stamps.
After I made another attempt to reconnect he and wife
decided to ignore
yours truly saving this time, the valuable minutes
that it will take to answer to a fucking 4 sentence message
in FACEBOOK, where you may find his profile.
What can I say? But is time to go....

michal brown, jennifer brown, karen moreno, carmen rolon
carol delisle, bob cilman, raymond mason
the sailcats, upfront, donal abrams, lisa delisle, gary
delisle, sonia nieto and else...don't missed it.

all info guaranteed original from our thirty
year old archives...

Thursday, November 19, 2009


THERE is no introduction this time, we will get into it right away, that damn letter was too long and the customer is always right when I feel like it.

Keyboard operator:
I noticed that it seems you are running short on environmental rants and now are getting a little frivolous perhaps with your 'love letters' with one LOVE word?

Yours Truly:
Dear interviewer, apparently you forget that this blog is MINE. Therefore, when I place
what I feel like placing in every other post, what you or the imaginary reader, real or virtual may think about my wise/unwise decision is not really part of the scheme.

KO: Forgive me, but are you saying that you do not care if there are readers or not?
Virtual or real?

YT: No. Fool. What I write implies that no one can be always right. Some people may
feel it is refreshing to move away from a subject that no matter its amplitude and relevance, to OUR life and that of FLORA/FAUNA may be still present considering
the blog performance for the last 36 months. I do not think that people who drop by
forget for a minute what these siamese triplets are about.

KO: Siamese triplets?
YT: The 3 blogs.

KO: Do you think you are still setting trends?
YT: Lets time be the judge of that. Some blogs that really stink for their absurd
blindfolded desire to imitate newspapers, others with shitty poetry give each others
awards. I reiterate that nothing matters besides air, water and food. Perhaps a roof
over the back, also.

KO: This Jane Madden, how did you meet the creep?
YT: The memory is f a r and d i s t a n t. I think that Ricardo Arieta the imbecile from
New Hampshire, introduced me to her.

KO: Was she beautiful?
YT: Spiritually perhaps. In those days of herb or ganja, beer, snort and else, what the
hell would that mean? However let the record show that in my life, ugly women with
brains have dominated the field during the younger years.

KO: Are you implying that in later eras, big titties and asses dominated?
YT: NO. You are a fucking jerk. To imply is what your dirty scumbag wishes, desires.
I declare that when I was in New York, I became less choosy and accepted reality. One
can not demand PEARS from and ELM tree.

KO: I see.
YT: YOU fucking fool, you do not see crap. BUT considering the output, the recent
one, lets leave it at that. I do not mind your line of questioning, but this is not the
right time. This lengthy letter makes me wonder how can we hang out with people with such boring, irritating wordiness even for a few carnal exchanges.

KO: Sorry If I ofended you.
YT: NO problem. People are not perfect. Plants are more congenial....

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


ORIGINALLY, upinthebreadfruitree was thought as what it will be
now, with this letter. JANE is not a fictional character, used to live
in Northampton, MA. Her relatives were a dead father I met (before), mother and
two sisters, with residence in Cape Cod, a particularly picturesque area
of MA. One of them used to go out with Ricardo Arieta, brother of Nick Arieta an excellent conga player, better perhaps than yours truly, both originally from New Hampshire. If you think it is well
written, It is. Exceptionally well, but no surprise since she went to study to Chapel Hill, in South or North Carolina a degree related to script,
novel or whatever writing. Enjoy it.

Dear such and such,

You must be wondering where the hell I am and what I'm doing- Well,
me too! Everything 's different since I last wrote- My father did not die
yet-Honestly, he's like thata guy in Monty Python's Holy Grail movie who's supposed to be dead from plague and get thrown on the cart with all the bodies- He keeps saying "I 'm not dead yet!
I really think I might recover". and the guy with the cart says "Oh come
on now, you know you'll be dead by morning"- Finally, he chunks him on the head and throws him in the cart.

Not that I want to clunk my father on the head of course-But his comebacks from the brink are amazing-The doctor came in the middle of
the night to give him morphine a few days ago and said the end was momentary-But even the doctor, who knows him by now, said
"Then again, knowing Henry, he could be fine next week sitting up having
a beer"-Since he perked up and I decided to my stuff down here to NC and try to get back before anything happens to him- So far, so good- We
left Thursday night on schedule, got here Friday,(Bellavista, Cape Cod),
evening, yesterday I went over with Sunny (Wayne's sisters who say Hi to you), to see the apartment that's attached to the rear of the building she
bought to make into a roadhouse/restaurant (Pearl's Harbor, remember?) Now she's decided to have Earl, her lover, put his woodworking shop in there instead of on their land and I'm renting some
woodshop space in the and moving into the apartment.

Instead of having to store my stuff and then move it again to an apartment I just finished putting it all in the empty woodshop space and when I finish painting the apartment and converting a room into a kitchen I can just move my stuff into the apartment in the same building.

It was pretty grueling getting everything, even the heavy stuff unloaded alone, but I just got done + had a lovely shower outside here at Joanne's
+walked around the yard naked working the binks out of my muscles (Wayne + Joanne went grocery shopping +its heaven to their little house +yard all to myself for a few hours.)

Joanne and I are getting along fine but the baby was wacky after all her travels so she couldn't help me much with my stuff. Wayne and I are trying to get along but it is difficult of course. It was my mother's idea
to get him come north and be with Joanne and help me move- It was
a dumb idea and I shouldn't have gone for it because he was grudging
and nasty most of the way- He is like a two year old, everything revolves
around him, his needs his wishes- And because he was "not in charge"
of the moving he was pissy every step of the way if Joanne and I had to stop to rest, etc-..


Fellow Americans and Intercontinental
visitors, is this an excess of wordiness?
God damn! I will continue later I am
totally worn out.


Jane Madden was a good spirited soul, however
had a great defect, was unable to deal with
Soon after Antigonum Cajan's alter
ego went their ways, she was in the
arms of some southener negro. In
one of the letters she wondered why the negro's
relatives rejected her softee pale white ass.
Believe it or not.

you are one click away from it
will bring the
CIRCA 1985
to all fans and foes