Thursday, November 19, 2009


THERE is no introduction this time, we will get into it right away, that damn letter was too long and the customer is always right when I feel like it.

Keyboard operator:
I noticed that it seems you are running short on environmental rants and now are getting a little frivolous perhaps with your 'love letters' with one LOVE word?

Yours Truly:
Dear interviewer, apparently you forget that this blog is MINE. Therefore, when I place
what I feel like placing in every other post, what you or the imaginary reader, real or virtual may think about my wise/unwise decision is not really part of the scheme.

KO: Forgive me, but are you saying that you do not care if there are readers or not?
Virtual or real?

YT: No. Fool. What I write implies that no one can be always right. Some people may
feel it is refreshing to move away from a subject that no matter its amplitude and relevance, to OUR life and that of FLORA/FAUNA may be still present considering
the blog performance for the last 36 months. I do not think that people who drop by
forget for a minute what these siamese triplets are about.

KO: Siamese triplets?
YT: The 3 blogs.

KO: Do you think you are still setting trends?
YT: Lets time be the judge of that. Some blogs that really stink for their absurd
blindfolded desire to imitate newspapers, others with shitty poetry give each others
awards. I reiterate that nothing matters besides air, water and food. Perhaps a roof
over the back, also.

KO: This Jane Madden, how did you meet the creep?
YT: The memory is f a r and d i s t a n t. I think that Ricardo Arieta the imbecile from
New Hampshire, introduced me to her.

KO: Was she beautiful?
YT: Spiritually perhaps. In those days of herb or ganja, beer, snort and else, what the
hell would that mean? However let the record show that in my life, ugly women with
brains have dominated the field during the younger years.

KO: Are you implying that in later eras, big titties and asses dominated?
YT: NO. You are a fucking jerk. To imply is what your dirty scumbag wishes, desires.
I declare that when I was in New York, I became less choosy and accepted reality. One
can not demand PEARS from and ELM tree.

KO: I see.
YT: YOU fucking fool, you do not see crap. BUT considering the output, the recent
one, lets leave it at that. I do not mind your line of questioning, but this is not the
right time. This lengthy letter makes me wonder how can we hang out with people with such boring, irritating wordiness even for a few carnal exchanges.

KO: Sorry If I ofended you.
YT: NO problem. People are not perfect. Plants are more congenial....

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