Saturday, July 4, 2009


KNOWING THE END, it is time to allow our readers to follow the beginning
of this adventure. I thought that it would be appreciated, understood, but no,
it did not happen.

"Your message was referred to Public Relations". It has the name, that I will not
write to protect the innocent, but here the initials. J.L.M Internet Banking Support.

"The attached message arrived incomplete, I need to have it sent again to be able
to help you". Same initials and tittle.

The truncated message from yours truly:

ATTN: President Western Bank
Board of Directors

The first VERTICAL GARDEN installation in your facilities is full of conceptual
mistakes, including plant selection and lack of nutrients by irrigation.

Now we are getting to see the beginning of the end. I will reproduce it and will finish
with my impressions. Following is the email from E.T.T.,VP, Public Relations. Warning. It is not fiction or altered, If the translation
seems odd, imagine the original. I will not mention rules of this or that violated since anyjuan will be able to detect this rather unusual writing fashion.

"Dear Mr. ....(my last name):

We at Westernbank admire and are proud of citizens, friends and above all, that our clients be involved in our thing, that is why we are the

These suggestions will be taken care off immediately and our President will be aware of your consideration, that you have shared offering your
opinion as an expert in green areas management.

For this we thank for your comments about the possibility of doing consulting work pro bono in a garden we have.

But the message is not understood. I will appreciate your phone number,
to communicate personally,or more information so we can understand
which is the garden, to refer the case to the corresponding department.

Certainly, citizens like you are the ones making that our nation be better each day. We count on your information so we can take care of your recommendation immediately."

Best regards,

Public Relations

I am getting tired. If any of the pr islanders, a majority of my international readers, followed by USA wish to inquire, their phone
appear in the previous Investigative Report.

I notice some mocking from ETT,VP in the previous jewel he wrote,
but how can I criticize mocking? Just thought. This could have been
entitled: The Chinese umbrella affair.

Moral of the story:

If anyjuan offers

you information gratis that may be certain regarding a project of a million
or more bucks, use diplomacy, tact, intelligence. Think of a bottle of a nice single malt, a five thousand dollar certificate of deposit, a two week vacation in
New Zealand, Australia, Vietnam to name a few places where endemismo arrives...not a six dollar chinese umbrella, even better, do not offer anything since nothing was requested or expected, Jack you jerk!

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