Friday, April 10, 2009


WHEN I STARTED the siamese twin of this one over 24 months ago, the intention was to denounce and criticize. The inspiration were Alberto Areces Mallea (aka Aveces Marea) and Gabriela Ocampo. Cuban and Mexican olmeca, respectively. These two expatriates were the intellectual authors of the destruction of twelve acres of land
in Trujillo Alto to construct Parque Donha Ines with the following accomplices: Fundacion Luis Munhoz Marin, Lic. Roberto Jose Martinez Ramirez, Departamento de Recursos Naturales, Carmen Santiago USDA, Padre Fernando Pico, and Municipio de Trujillo Alto.

Without getting deep in the story already in endemismotrasnochado, the intention is to denounce, period. Later I became aware that if the fools pretending to save our environment, ecology, nature, patrimony turn the other way with this type of information and evidence (yet to be published), the scam is evident. Everyjuan seems to be benefiting from the various pork government barrels for this or that. On one hand.

ON the other, most of the funds from the private sector came from Banco Popular and Doral, food for thought.
Does money laundering comes to mind? Lets open the books! How much money
for the DI Park has the FLMM taken for itself? What is the cost of the park for each
silly endemic tree, $10,000, $20,000?

At any rate, not being a one track mind, I noticed that the " Green Industry", in Puerto Rico was/is more green regarding the USA dollars than nature and vegetation.
I started sending my resume to some of the companies doing landscaping with internet access.

Some were American Lawn, Peannock Garden, Gramas Lindas, Margo Farms and many others that once in a while appeared in the printed news media. I could write at length what I think based on observation about all these scam artists, but will concentrate in the one who has been harassing and stalking both blogs out of boredom.

I have baptized him YEYO MALANGUIYAUTIA. His apparent real last names Gonzalez Bauza, alleged agronomist and working for Gramas Lindas. How was this poor bored soul become interested in this obscure blog that not many read except in Mexico, Spain, Australia, Dominican Republic, Chile, India, USA, Argentina, and Puerto Rico USA?

Very simple. I sent a link of my blog, at the address at the end of this article, suggesting the change of the picture advertising their site. The photograph
shows grass leaves cut with a dull blade. After that, Mr. malanguiyautia started
bombarding the comment section. Something not always bad, except that he thinks too much of himself, his credentials, uses as the name of some fictional character, a Patriarch, does all I do better, much better according to his comments.

Except one thing, an essential one, creating a fresh output or not so fresh ideas when
writing. He writes better, has better pictures, is more deep, however his lame blog
a bizarro endemismo has four entries, has been visited twelve times.
All the above mentioned virtues are the ones I lack or pretend to have. Believe it or not.

I was a little annoyed at the frequent, long diatribes, more than once since my blogs are not personal. All people doing landscaping in Puerto Rico suck, I have stated
it at least on eighty articles... How can YEYO believe for a moment that is personal? ll. I attack, denounce, stupidity, lack of aesthetics, poor workmanship, destruction of the environment, tree mutilation and excessive planting without knowledge and ripping off the customer, the populace.

If one feels alluded, anyone, go to court and start a difamation suit. Cut the crap already. If I say, anything that I believe certain, prove it wrong in the adequate forum. One relevant issue is that from the beginning, Mr. Malanguiyautia, the stalker wrote as an owner of a company, not just a reader. That is why I have taken the time now after ten months of almost daily harassment to respond.

Why? Very simple. If I write that yeyo malanguiyautia is a jerk, which he seems to be,
must be, considering the stalking, he could have sent a picture of some installation done properly. But my dear fans, remember the stalking started after a suggestion to
change the stupid GRAMAS LINDAS picture.
I got tired of the game. Here is their address, everyone mentioned today. Inquiries are welcome. Until then..
fundacion luis munhoz marin


  1. Bueno, yo venía a saludarte del Blog de Bartock, básicamente por la ironía del comentario, pero puedo leer en ingles con dificultad, y de verdad me cansa, por que no pienso en iungles y tengo poco vocabulario... jajaja asi que por ahora a Ud. Amigo le dejo mi saludo nada mas, y si es que por casualidad es critiano le deseo una feliz pascua de resurrección.

  2. Ayer vi un arbol torcido en el medio de un plano lleno de cemento en pOnce, mi teoria es que lo dejaron ahi en medio de un desarroollo y que est e siguio creciendo hasta hecharse sobre el mismo concreto, se veia como desbordado, yo no se, para mi que las plantas obedecen mas las formas del agua que als de la tierra...

    bye bye

  3. Wenas wenas, yo aquí de visita!!!

    = D

    vengo algo cansada, prometo que volveré a tus blogs jejee y te invito a los míos. ; )

    Hugs n Kisses from Costa Rica!!!!

    See you!

  4. Hola to you from sunny Andalucia. Nice to see someone from your part of the world come visit my blog. I have to say, your area's politics sound very much like ours. I shall say no more.

    Yes, love the MJQ, Brubeck, Miles Davis, Chet Baker et al.

  5. PS is that a beautiful jacaranda I see in your header photo?

  6. LadyLuz,

    NO. It is a Redbud. Photo taken in China Town
    Manhattan, NY.
    Found your blog in an Indian or Australian gardening blog. I check those constantly.

    I have listened with critical ear those mentioned, perhaps Chet Baker is the one
    less listened to.

    Thanks for your visit. I noticed what you
    mentioned about our politics and yours since
    I watch RTV at least 3 hours daily.

    Thanks for your visit.

    Until next...