Monday, April 27, 2009


THINGS WERE so so today. until the chinaman called about his refund. This caused me some anxiety, but at the end all was fine.

Jeff Resnick, the hebrew, political appointee dropped by to make his personal phone calls in our office. This bald, over fed, good for nothing,
has angered the accountants and auditors accross the hall for his habit
of listening to radio talk shows loudly. That is one reason. The other carries a lot of weight, this meat ball is making over 55 thousand bucks.
That is over ten more than CPA's and accountants in the State Comptrollers Office in Manhattan and career employees on top of that.

This fat jerk is here for political favors, or as a prize if you may. Probably collecting campaign funds for this negro Comptroller, whose wife ruined his carefully rehearsed career in banking. The wife was accused and found guilty of embezzlement. She took a couple of millions and remodeled her apartment property of HUNTERS COLLEGE or other institution in that league. The decoration was more proper for a queen than an administrator for a educational institution.

Before some fanatic of the politically correct language usage crowd, jumps, lets clarify the use of negro. In Spanish that is our word for blacks. In USA, the afrocentric fanatics coinned African American thinking not very wisely that it is a better noun for them. However fellows that I respect and
have read, such as Stanley Crouch, a jazz writer and critic, established clearly that such term 'African American' is not really useful. IT takes away from the ethnic scheme, Negros from the rest of the AMERICAN continent and erases Negroes from AFRICA. There.

Following with the original story, it is a little long. We may have to offer
it as a series...Nancy Cruz called to say hi. Our sources have informed that
Carmen Le Bron, the tom boy, another single woman in Mr. H. Carl entourage, was involved in a law suit for unjustified firing of an employee.
If you look at the spelling, the last name was reshaped to seem less hispanic. That inferiority complex that some of our prislanders show
in different fashion but not part of this story now.

THIS yellow belly CARMEN LE Bron was a lowly educated riff raff, certainly from the Bronx and part of Mr. H, personal assistants. My contact with the bitch, if I may was receiving her phone calls from ALBANY, to inquire about another single one, but with a child, ELBA CASTRO, also from the Bronx.

Miss Castro was never in the office, a practice of most political appointtes in Mr. H's domain. Since Miss Castro, (who miraculously), later became an ATTORNEY, was into free wheeling, without following Le Bron's commands the later thought that I will offer information to help
her cut the head of her Bronx constituent. The Tomboy thought that I was hiding something. The truth is that I did not know her whereabouts.

Her tone was abrasive, and in ultimatum mode generally. In those days
I was not connected to the computer system, yet, the bitch sent me emails
knowing that I would not be able to respond.

The names are not fictional. The years 1995-1996. The address 270 Broadway. As anything written here, true. Not embellished at all.
Until next. It is getting fun.

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