Tuesday, April 28, 2009


IN NOVEMBER, Ms. Le bron, called your humble servant to request that I pick Sonia Fonseca's computer, (another single woman in the comptrollers entourage from the Bronx) in the office at 42nd St. and Third Ave. Since I understood that I was no messenger, but an 'Information Specialist', I refused at the beginning. In the middle of the argument, wisely, I decided that not agreeing would be interpreted as insubordination by this yellow
belly bitch and went to pick up the computer.

I had to walk a couple of miles with two laptops. The intention was to leave Ms. Fonseca without her working tool. The excuse was that Pete needed it. When I inquired as to
what I was supposed to do with it, the scum bag responds that I did not matter to er. At the end of the day, I returned the computer to its owner.

The following morning, the bitch called again to inquire about the computer. I replied what is above, and this pasty fatty worm Ms. Le Bron, stated that she had not told me to do that.

Days later, the same, called Rhona Lattanzi, an auditor at her home, to do her dirty
job. Rhona told me that she would take the laptop from Pete as a favor but was not interested in getting involved in Le bron personal affairs.

This issue apparently without any relevance in the surface, has some roots. Ms. Lb,
had many hostile dialogues with Sonia Fonseca and Elba Castro, both 'special assistants to the comptroller', all three of them political appointees.

I was in the middle, and never understood. But here is another example. When Elba Castro, not a Rhodes Scholar if you ask me left the office to study for some masters degree that luckily for her was done in coop fashion, Ms. Fonseca became sort of my supervisor by sudden death.

This is the scheme of Lb to get my check signed. I would sign the time card, send it to
the 42nd St. office, have Ms. Fonseca sign it and then sended to Albany. Ms Lb was so stupid that H.Carl McCall, had to be an accessory to keep such lame, incompetent assistant, single, so close to him. After some squabble reason prevailed and things
went back to what they were. Bob Griffin the Chief Auditor would sign them and that was that..But revenge came fast. Now every request for time off would have to be faxed to Albany. Just because had some women beef with Elba Castro.

As a result of the laptop pick up mentioned earlier things started to change. Ivan Hernandez another character raised, where else? In the Bronx, who had been assigned to work with yours truly regarding press releases, refused constantly to
respond to my emails. These messages had to be sent seven days prior to any event,
however, she waited for five days to inquire if this or that had been done.

Now that I think of it. This makes no sense. Really. But is true. I have never met
such incompetent people in my life. All of them whities, negroes, and New Yorkers,
of the pr persuassion.. One anecdote will suffice. If one grows up in such a city with
so many Hebbes and their cultural, culinary influences in any direction in the many boroughs one would expect certain things to be known but no..

Check this out. We went to a famous kosher restaurant in Queens not far from the
Court. We ordered...Ivan the fool did not know kosher from tripe and after
ordering pastrami on rye, requested SWISS CHEESE... The waitress was kind enough
to define/explain to this NY City citizen, that kosher separates meat from eggs from
cheese and that is that. The end.

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