Monday, April 27, 2009

ll or Part Two if not fond of Roman Numerals

I REMEMBER that while at work with CJA, or Criminal Justice Agency in Manhattan, a cuasi private/public agency into interviewing riff raff and others to leave jail without paying bail, one had to keep a record and on top
of the page one wrote the page number ...What was my surprise when discovering that fellow college graduates from mostly negro islands in the Caribbean and those from the Bronx and other counties did not now that lV
is four and so on... Jaha bilingual laugh...

BUT KEEPING our promise to provide fun info as those black and white old series as The Phampton and others here we go. If you forgot where you were go back quickly, I have not.

I remember that due to the lack of work in Manhattan, the lesbian, I mean
the Tomboy, Carmen Le Bron, called a meeting in Albany. Miss Le Bron, ,
Brian Bayfield, also a negro, Henry and others were present. When attempting to figure out the lack of work , it was claimed by the lilly and not so lilly white trailer rubbish material in Albany, that is was fear of documents getting lost in the trip from office to office.

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