Monday, June 15, 2009


SOME TIME AGO, over three years. I decided to become a goody goody volunteer and started sending electronic mails to institutions, agencies (private/public), dealing
with mental health, housing, integration to society, schools, and theoretical self help community agencies operating with Federal funds from USA.

This story is an aberration as to the futility of good intentions. People within the system are only there to get money for themselves using the community, creating jobs or opportunities for isolated segments of the population as the pretext. The director of the PENINSULA DE CANTERA also related to AmericCorps if I am not mistaken, has thirteen political appointees of her confidence. Before I forget, this dead brain has to be among the greatest idiots in my two hundred articles so far.

In brief. Elizabeth, our heroine drop by my house, with an intern, to get information about plants and planting to develop work shops for elementary school children. This character, making over fifteen thousand bucks, in charge of the work shops, not only did not know anything about plants: shade/sun, a bush from a plant or a tree, irrigation, pruning she had no idea as what to plant.

I the preacher in the ocean explained the whole story, pretty much as I usually do,
to the point. After that, we went to buy the plants I thought adequate considering
the space to be planted and the null care they would probably get after the initial
fever of planting, as always happens. Finally, we went to unload the plants, tools,
hoses, water cans. Imagine, getting such a salary to educate children how to plant,
the environment and similar objectives, without any minimal hint as to what it takes.

What really turned me off, after the initial pro bono help, was the intentions of the director. some Miss Rivera, or whatever. When I suggested to prune correctly by myself, the tens of trees mutilated, this miss suggested to our heroine that I teach the 'boys'. That I take the 'boys' with me and show how is done!

That is when I decided that someone making such money, Miss Rivera, should
hire a consultant, ME, to design a plan with objectives for the 'boys' and what really
mattered to me, the environment and vegetation. I sent the proposal without much
hope. Waited and waited...nothing happened. I told her charmingly what I think
of her and her silence then.

But the story repeats over and over. A month or so ago I wrote to a pentescostal from the Bronx looking woman, that I saw on tv. She is the director of ENLACES, a community group working in Canho Martin Penha's eight communities, to improve the quality of life and conditions. After a lame response, as to her sharing my inquiry interest and credentials with others, nothing happened.

I waited respectfully and sent the necessary response. NATURE does not need of
committees of any kind to be improved. I mentioned to the pentecostal looking lady
that at a minimun, an inventory of whatever the residents have planted in their
yards and pots, inside/outside could be started. It costs nothing.

What for? To create a list of the best looking, healthier vegetation, with a possibility
of teaching the many available ways to propagate to the residents, a nursery, an exchange of plants among those interested. Following, dear reader? The response,
nothing. It seems that only stupid people are involved with issues regarding the environment. Juatsup with their silence I do not know. NONE of my proposals
require a Harvard education for a response yes/no that is that.

If you wonder, far away reader what brought to the table this post, I will tell you. It
has happened again. After suggesting that I THE CRITIC, teach others with examples, gadgets how to do things correctly ( Vertical Gardens), an invitation for
some gardening happening was offered. After accepting it....a resume was requested!
Believe it or not. Af if over two hundred articles from A to Z on these matters were
not enough.


  1. Hi, I saw these lovely trees bieng neglected and mishandled ,so heart wrenching. in our coutry also they make programs with media coverage for planting trees and so called greening the cities and after sometime when you follow nothing is there! They have eaten the money given for the plantation. Only good thing is private enterprise known as Malis in our cities have some plants to offer for sale. Most of our old trees are growing in smoke polluted road islands and they please us with green shoots every spring ,then only we know that the poor tree is alive.

  2. This pictures were not taken for effect. It is the custom and use in Puerto Rico, USA. I used to seat on the roots of this Ficus, when I was a student. They grew away from the buttress twenty/thirty feet!

    Your words are meaningfull because I was afraid
    this indifference towards vegetation seems to be worldwide.

    I believe there is no point in planting trees since is just a band aid solution for an unstoppable hemorrhage, not solving anything in the long run.

    Trees need care. Constant. In Puerto Rico the trend by politicians, ignorant community leader fools decide to plant trees arbitrarily. Later they call the press, get some shovels
    and plant inadequate trees in improper locations. They appear on tv, internet and printed media as if the great action will
    help to balance the massive destruction in the island.

    The trees are forgotten, mutilated with machetes/chainsaws or cut off when the idiots
    planting them get tired of picking up the leaves on the pavement.

    Here there is a wild phenomenon. You can travel in any direction and observe totally dead trees standing in any imaginable context,
    but no one cuts them! However, perfectly healthy trees are destroyed for any silly
    possible reason without any reaction.

    Thanks for your visit and words. Until next.