Thursday, June 18, 2009


ALL THOSE readers and curious from far away lands may have noticed some hints of irony, sarcasm and worse in this here blog. A tendency to burn, rather than build bridges. It is not on purpose. In the beginning I go with open mind to those who are living legends in their own head, It does not bother me. Since I was fifteen, when most relevant decisions about life were taken, I concluded that if you are smart/wise, really,
it will show in your discourse even if one does not know what is being said/written.


Interviewer: Tell us how are things going in Puerto Rico, regarding the environment, horticulture, gardening and so forth. Please put it in context, lets pick two years.

One and only: In terms of people, virtual people met in the blogosphere, the situation
is sterile, symbolic, mesianic, and academic.

I: What the hell our readers are supposed to make of this vague response?
OAO: May I elaborate rather briefly?

I: Sure. It is your blog is not it?
OAO: Fine. I believe the first character I met was a fellow with a foreign degree who seems to
know his thing. Excellent credentials, knowhow, but carrying a lot of dead weight.

I: Dead weight?
OAO: Sure. The bible. In a world in which people kill each other because one prophet is cooler
than other, reason enough to kill those followers of the less cool prophet, I do not think that
speaking/writing in BIBLICAL riddles helps, convert anyone into EDIBLE GARDENS.

I: Did you mentioned it?
OAO: NO. I have learned that if you have an education, academic that is with a tittle or without
it, you should know better. I do not believe in the state, family, church, actually I am becoming
little by little a misanthropist to tell you the truth. EDIBLE GARDENS are important, but why
do you have to put the WORLD FOOD CRISES in biblical, apocaliptical fashion? I have never
been able to read the bible. Ten paragrahps is my record. Perhaps that explain why non catholic,
people carry that book in their armpits day/night and go to their places of adoration in vain
attempts to understand and decipher whatever the hell is written there.

I: Say what?
OAO: If I am mistaken YOU, tell me why anyone needs to have a book interpreted to them day
after day, 24/7, year after year. It is insane. However this finishes one of my replies to the original question.

I: Is there much else to tell our readers?
OAO: I you stuck this far. Wait for the best part. Check this out. In Puerto Rico, it is in the history
of environmental/landscapemanagement/horticulturalhappenings appearing in endemismotrasnochado.

I: Are you going to get to the point, please?
OAO. OK. The first attempts to relate to other bloggers from the isle, were through three individuals with three different blogs scratching each other backs in many subjects. The killing,
mutilation of trees brought us together. And separated us forever. I noticed that knowing nothing about inter relations in nature, the incident for them was one of posing, even if they
or you disagree with me. I started to call them the LESPERIANS, since their leader a Mother
Theresa sort of matriarch, a former teacher....became the guru of the ONE THOUSAND SIGNATURES, to be brought to the SECRETARY of 007 Recursos Naturales.

I: Please I thought you were going to be brief.
OAO: This is my blog, goddemond!

I: Calm down goddemond!
OAO: I feel better, sorry folks.

I: NOW, could you finish? After all this is history in your past articles or not? Those interested
could check postings from eight months ago and find the story....
OAO: I thought this was and interview. Can I continue?

I: Please proceed with more recent anecdotes.
OAO: Here it goes. This one is almost hot from the oven. I met another MATRIARCH, this
one will be baptized the SORCERER. This magic sorcerer is into exotic philosophies from the far east, there is nothing more important in life, that and yoga, probably vegetarianism, those are the pillars of
this fanatic edible gardeners if you ask me.

I: What is wrong with that?
OAO: NOTHING. It is just the perception of people that some people get and believe it is what
it is just because they, anointed by some extra terrestial being believe it is.

I: What? Are you pulling my legs?
OAO: Just one. Jaha, bilingual laugh. That is why I am into horticulture and criticism, environmental, ecological issues, constantly researching, reviewing what I think/believe. It
is not written in stone. The two MATRIARCHS, and the Biblical Edible Prophet, all, are humanitarians, but can not see a TOTAL environment, an overpopulated earth for example.

I: ARE they blind?
OAO: Not in the literal sense. The last matriarch is really wordy. Tons of cliches. For example
while questioning the only critical author on the issues discussed here I (in other words), wondered aloud why I did not teach the jerks and others how to make a correct VERTICAL GARDENING, with some 3D gadget. Believe it or not.

I: What is so bad with the goody goody intention?
OAO: Whatever one may think off. Check the end of this story.
By the way these THREE big people in the little puddle, never made a comment in their emails about
the blog read in so many places I will not even count anymore. This is the end. Not fiction.
She the MAGICIAN with the little brain, invites me to give a little workshop about this subject somehow I believe to have mastered in a far away town in Puerto Rico. If it helps for comparison, a trip from New York State to California, just a hundred miles long. It if for some
illiterate fellows who were given land from the government and wish to start an URBAN GARDEN, my favorite cause.

I: WOW, are you going to finish between the next twenty hours?
OAO. NO. I will kill it in your hands...After 2 thousand words in her emails about this or that,
always in a condescending tone, after I accepted without conditions to make that lengthy trip,
she requested nothing else than a RESUME. Believe it or not. Time to
go. Thanks for your patience. This is the situation, with people in the isle.

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