Saturday, June 6, 2009


THIS almost daily adventure started with one thing in mind. To denounce false prophets, foreigners and natives, preaching lame slogans about the importance of
the ENDEMIC. This simpletons, some with college titles, others, sheep
following their shepherd, repeating his mantras.

There were too many holes in the net. NO inventory for flora and fauna
before the total destruction of 15 acres took place. Perhaps and much worse
no soil analysis.
ALBERTO ARECES MALLEA phd, is the intellectual author and
environmental criminal in Parque Donha Ines and Fundacion Luis Munhoz Marin.

I do not feel the urge to define endemic, is the same anywhere. But endemic is not
just used to limit, exclude, since naturally covers the whole scheme in the environment. Endemic are not just trees. That is the alucinating error of this Cuban
fool and native followers.

In his plan for the ENDEMIC PARK, there are no endemic: ground covers, (his wife
the Olmec princess and himself), planted kentucky and zoysia grass seeds in the destroyed soil after the heavy rains carried down hill the top thin layer of this caliche soil.

There are no ENDEMIC vines, climbers, plants, bushes or anything else that grows
naturally in our ENDEMIC surroundings, planted, propagated in their nursery, or
in their improvised plan. These two scam artists brought to Puerto Rico by another....Cuban...a land grabber with over one thousand acres in the south of Puerto Rico had a wonderful idea.

That was the intention, the smoke screen...To build aeolic windmills in that dry,
desert like environment to make some millions. That area without water, is not
good for anything than flora and fauna if left alone. And ecotourism, if one can
stand the heat. Unfortunately, people with real worries and honest in this little
shitty isle, protested, stopping the absurd plan that would require even more
destruction of the environment to have...clean energy?

In brief, these two good for nothing destroyed a somewhat wild forest twenty years,
thirty years old or plant their silly endemic trees, and that was that. In the process, gravel/wood, was not used for the paths, asphalt was. This way increasing erosion,
stopping the soil from getting water. Many structures were built, too many, in concrete, increasing the heat in the whole area and eliminating water absorption.

They claim to have 200 SPECIES, at a cost of over six million dollars. The funds
from private and public institutions. A couple of donors, are very suspicious, one
a CUBAN bank, DORAL and BANCO POPULAR. These two provided over two million bucks acording to Areces Mallea. Money laundering comes to mind.

I have ove one hundred species of what constitutes an urban habitat. Perhaps fifty
square feet. The way it should be: trees, vines, climbers, bushes, plants, cacti, succulents, fruit trees. It
cost me nothing except the cost of pots, 3 grafted fruit trees, some tools, fertilizers and spray bomb.
NO PALMS, TURF OR HEDGES. A waste of time, energy, money. Too much
organic waste created in maintenance, in addition to noise, pollution, gas, oil or

What about gratitude? I want to express it. To all those who come here, read,
whatever I have put in place, and left, leaving a comment or not. I am glad this
blog reaches some people in FIVE CONTINENTS. To all of you that may share views, ideas, concepts regarding the environment, ecology, nature, landscape maintenance, plant collection and propagation. THANKS!

What about the stalker? Thanks to you too jerk! It seems that in a bizarre manner
your bizarro blog, your scorn, stimulates my productivity. On the other hand, this
humble blog is validated by almost 3 thousand readers coming by.

Perhaps one day, when you decide to be yourself, you could express gratitude also, for all the money you have made, ENVIROMENTAL CRIMINAL. Almost forgot, it also helps if you go to your true vocation, education?, instead of PALM/GRASS, plant boniato, yeyomalanguiyautia, smallponddwarfpatriarch? May god forgive you.

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  1. Hi, I saw your comment on my blog which in have neglected for so long. i believe in preserving environment, culture,biodiversity and am against waste ful human practices and development. In gardening i believe in using minimalistic, visual and aesthetic appeal. I love wild plants and grasses. i am an ordinary pakistani, though I dont know what you meant by looking like a pakistani in one of your posts. I love all people ,and cultures and believe in cultural preservation and beauty. i donot believe in wasteful development and industrialization for the sake of economic progress. Please read my new posts as you have kindled that fire in me to write about environment in pakistan.TC