Sunday, June 14, 2009


TODAY WAS remarkable. My fears, became reality. Two months ago I performed an act of horticultural guerrilla on the grounds
of the Metro in Santurce. I took advantage of the tall weeds, perhaps 3' feet tall, to plant a Pandanus and Maguey, an agavacea, pretty similar to those blue ones used for tequila. They were hiding, knowing what the illiterate guys with weed wackers will do. They did. The Pandanus passed
away, while the Maguey, survived, perhaps one of the executioners recognized it, and let it be.

Now the tittle. Down here, perhaps for the last thirty/twenty years, the USA, Federal government, started a program to save the endemic parrots from Puerto Rico...There were a few, then, now there is maybe twenty/thirty. I do not know. I do not care. How will anything survive
here, a platform of asphalt-cement always in expansion, is a mistery, with only one end: extinction.

In India is tigers. The population growth makes their habitat smaller
and smaller.

In Africa, elephants ans primates to name a few. Everyone seems to have
a pet symbol species to save, in danger of extinction. NO one knows the
methodology to fall in such category. It includes anything that is alive, vegetation also. I wonder all the time who are these people doing
the counting to determine what, when falls in the extinction league.

In Spain is the bears, and linx. In all the mentioned countries, the problem is the same. Variables of killing, poisoning because land owners raise cattle and these predators may get some.

Or the animals get on cultivated land trampling the crops. It does not matter how you put it. Foreign/native scientists do the math, and that is that: danger of extinction.

However, what is accomplished in the long run? If the population growth
is not stopped, the habitat for any animal will continue to become smaller
and disappear. I will not even discuss the amout of acres that some species of predators or herbiborous require to survive.

In Puerto Rico, some foreign idiots from Mexico and Cuba came eight years ago, decided what is endemic and in danger of extinction and destroyed a perfectly fine dense forest with a huge tractor, leaving everything in sight, bare, a moonscape, without any species inventory of flora and fauna, or soil analysis.

A habitat implies an interaction of ALL living creatures in ANY context.
Picking ones to be saved, for particular reasons, without addressing growth population and/or the interaction among flora/fauna and us
is not only silly, but a waste of money, effort and false hopes.


Please inquire about the '200'
species in Parque Donha Ines
I would like to have the list.

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