Friday, June 12, 2009


YESTERDAY, we dug in the archives. Our siamese triplet is usually
on variations on a horticultural theme. This one is/was/will deal with seudo fiction.
Whats up with that stupid letter p in any word?

The pictures will be presented. Later I will see how I put without much cruelty to
our national idiosyncracy, what a word ah? But with no remorse, at all, believe me
all my life having to accept somewhat the national stupidity, that in your country, in
one of those five continents may be similar...but never equal....

To tell the truth, I am worn out. Usually I write with the ability given without the intention of being too wordy about the matter at hand. Today I went the other way,
pictures first.

If you watch closely your surroundings, perhaps you have noticed similar minor, major crimes against nature anywhere you move. Either walking or driving. Now
if you add all the stupid, careless maintenance to landscape installations by municipal employees or the fellows in the 'green industry' or property owners, and you add a tally; the destruction is immeasurable.

For that reason, I have written many words about the subject. Pictures speak for
themselves, sometimes my words may have seem exagerated, angry, illogical, unreasonable to many, particularly the island fools who are so proud of their ancestry, blind to accept that ignorance is not an excuse in a court of law.

I repeat. Environmental Criminals should be put in prison. Those cultivating TURF
PALMS for sale, should be treated in the exact manner as tobacco companies. MAKE THEM pay for their destruction of our environment and the one caused by keeping those unhealthy, lacking aesthetic values, polluting gardening/cultural, customs!

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